Where will the course take place?

Our courses take place at our private facilities of the Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean which are located in Armonia Bay Hotel, Samos. Our working lab and kitchen are fully equipped for any kind of cooking production.

Where will participants stay?

Accommodation for our participants is provided by Armonia Hotels. Participants will either stay at Armonia Bay Hotel 4*, or at Semeli boutique Hotel 4*, both located at Tsamadou beach in Kokkari, Samos, Greece.

How can I reach the Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean and the hotel I will be staying at?

The Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean and Armonia Hotels are conveniently located at Tsamadou beach 2km west of the village of Kokkari.

Transfers from and to the Airport or Ports of Samos are included in the price of our courses.

The distance from Samos Airport is about 30 km and is a 30min drive.

The distance from the main Port of Samos (Vathi) is 14 km and it is a 15min drive.

The distance from the second port of Samos (Karlovassi) is 16 km and is a 20 min drive.

What facilities should I expect?

Our facilities include:

A fully equipped professional service kitchen.

A working lab for hands-on lessons, presentations and cooking demos.

An outdoor presentation area.

What & where will we be eating?

All meals are included in the price of our courses for the duration of each course. Most of the time participants will be eating at the Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean. Meals are prepared by the chef instructors or in the class by participants with the guidance of one of our chefs. Sometimes, according to each programme’s schedule, there will be meals at restaurants or in local houses. All meals are accompanied by bottled water and wine. If there is a scheduled class after a meal (usually working lunches), alcohol will not be served.

How many people will attend my course?

The usual group size is between 6 to 12 persons. This is so we can closely attend to each of our participant’s needs and give personalised advice and support. It is also a fact that smaller groups tend to come together as a team in a much shorter time period, enjoying the fun part of our programs and building lasting friendships!

Can I bring my companion or family?

All participants are welcome to bring their family, friends or companions with them. They can stay in the same or different rooms, eat with the group and attend any excursions or visits to farms and producers of local products. Please contact us to request a price.

What do I need to bring with me for the courses?

All participants should have appropriate kitchen attire ( chef’s jackets, hat, non-slip, closed shoes) with them to wear during class. It is also sugested that participants wear comfortable clothing for visits to farms or local producers.

How are the lessons structured?

The lessons are structured to include a combination of presentation, demonstration, discussion and hands-on practical experiences therefore catering to everyone’s individual learning needs.

What will the daily schedule be?

The usual day starts with breakfast at 08:00 in the morning followed by class until lunch. Afternoon sessions start at 14:00 and will finish by 17:30. Several short brakes are scheduled throughout the day according to the group’s needs. The dinner will usually be served at 20:00.

Please note that this schedule is for guidance purposes only, the actual schedule may vary slightly according to daily excursions, dinners out and participant’s requirements. Every participant will be provided with the full schedule of their course upon arrival.

In what language will the courses be taught?

All courses are taught in English.

What if I am not an experienced cook or chef?

All of our courses have been specially developed to enhance the skills, knowledge and experience of chefs, food professionals and home cooks alike. A willingness to learn is the most important factor when you consider to enroll in one of our courses.

Will I learn new recipes?

Yes, you will learn many new recipes and you are encouraged to take notes during demonstrations of new dishes.

Will there be an assessment?

While there are no formal assessments participants will be monitored throughout ensuring progression is achieved. Our courses are designed so participants get personalised guidance and feedback during class, We try to establish a nice atmosphere where participants can learn what they are interested in without the need to prove themselves.

What are the payment options?

In order to enroll in one of our courses applicants must pay a 40% deposit of the total price of the course within four days from the application date. The remaining balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before the course starting date.

EU applicants: Can pay by bank transfer or Paypal

Non EU applicants: Can pay by Paypal

Payments in any other form will not be accepted.

What is the cancellation policy?

Due to the small size of groups, we have a strict cancellation policy as follows:

  • For cancelations made 60+ days before the course start date, there will be a non-refundable charge of the 20% of the price of the course. Alternatively, you may transfer your full 40% deposit to another of our courses providing there is availability and the start date is within the same calendar year.
  • For cancelations made 60-14 days before the course start date the deposit, which is 40% of the course’s total price, made at the time of the enrollment will not be refunded.
  • For cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the course start date, after full payment has been made, a 60% refund will only be returned should your place be filled.