The most pleasant learning environment

The best-suited learning environment

The Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean is based on the Greek island of Samos. Lessons, presentations, and hands-on classes are conducted at Armonia Bay Hotel, which is situated just above the magnificent beach of Tsamadou. Here nestled in between the olive groves, the fruit and the pine trees you will get the true sense of not only cooking but also living in the praised region of the Mediterranean.

Full use of a professional kitchen

Along with the presentations and classes conducted at the hotel’s premises, you will have the opportunity to cook in the fully equipped service kitchen of Armonia Bay Hotel. The kitchen features a brand new convenient design for serving small groups of people, and since it has been designed with multifunctionality and a constantly changing menu in mind, it is the most suitable place to host the courses of the Culinary Institute of the Mediterranean.

Top class professional equipment

In all our courses we apply new techniques using equipment of cutting-edge technology. Learn how to cook at lower temperatures using sous vide techniques to preserve the foods nutritional value and achieve tender texture. Combi ovens with steam, dehydrators, smoking guns and siphons are just some of the tools used during the course. Along with that, you will also learn how to recreate the cooking results of the above, using conventional equipment and tools.

Organic garden

Participants of all our courses will have access to the freshest seasonal produce. Not only will each lesson be facilitated with local and Mediterranean produce, participants will have the opportunity to freshly pick ingredients from our own thriving, organic kitchen garden.

Truly understand the seasonal character of Mediterranean cuisine, creating traditional and elaborate dishes from high quality, home-grown ingredients plucked straight from our on-site enclosure.

Accommodation at a 4* Seaview Hotel

All courses are all-inclusive and the accommodation is provided by Armonia Hotels. All rooms have a magnificent view of the sea looking towards the Gulf of Samos and the Aegean coast of Turkey. All rooms feature flat screen T.V. sets, a safe deposit box, comfortable beds, and modern bathrooms.